It’s All Coming back Karma 101, Isn’t It?

The Boy.
Karma is real.
A moment ago, a moment not so far much gone, most of us had an experience that many of us swore to heaven and earth we would never allow to happen ever again. Now here we are at ‘Ever Again’. The issue here is not what we have done, what we ought to have done neither is it what we have to do, it is a simple question of logic and application of our free-given and most expensive part of our bodies, the brain; Well in contrary the biologist might put it forward that it’s the heart but the brain is most important, topic closed no discussion. When it happened the little boy was 12 years old in a small town.
2007 Post Election Violence.
So we have spent years healing, re-establishing our priorities at such times of great need such as a new electoral commission. Healing, financing the affected and resettling the displaced thanks to our former president Mr Kibaki. Spreading love to our neighbors just to make sure they do not turn the tables on us if 2007 happens again. And well it is my happiest joy to announce to you all that our hard work results are finally out! We have been successful. We’ve healed the wounds, we have forgotten what our neighbours did, we have healed, we have resettled and all thanks to all of us.
We missed the point.
As the young boy watched these scenes of murderous patriotism, well he was safe, parents have a way to ensure their kids remain safe so all the boy did was watch from a stone throw distance. This boy, particularly been very smart and having a very achievable dream of changing his country has been forgotten in our zealous healing ongoing. That boy whose faith was in the good intentions of people. The same boy we took his dreams, tore them apart and ran them over continuously. Sadly we forgot to repair the boy. The boy is now 19 years old, he owns a laptop so he has a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account. The boy spends a lot of his time in front of his laptop.
Here is the Outcome.
We blame the boy for been impractical, we go ahead and name them – The Facebook Generation. A damage caused by none other than we, too deep and a course far lost to recover. The boy knows a little bit politics now, he knows that HIM the man in the polls that fateful 2007 is the reason he lost faith in humanity and the boy spends quite a lot of time trying to figure this out sadly he is just but a boy. Boys know of more action than words, therefore the boy resolute to condemn that other tribe on twitter, he has 600 followers on twitter so he knows, at least he thinks, his opinion takes effect on 600 lives. Now what will this boy do in an election he feels unconsidered, stolen from and oppressed?
This is the boy we made, a moment ago, a moment not so far much gone!

ImageDennis Peters (deepeters)

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