It’s a beautiful Country Altogether!

Travel Son Its your Country!
There is this saying, very common amongst our mums even though they use it for an entirely different reason but still… So the saying goes ‘Move away from the Kitchen and find out there are better cooks than your mum!’ Well when your mum says this especially if you a dude she simply means ‘Dude get married and move out from my house!’ That besides my point though all am saying is you got to travel and realise your view of our beautiful country needs to mature.
So it got me thinking, if personalities such as the Queen of the United Kingdom, The prime minister of China ,and some great footballer, I don’t really know his name am not great on soccer… again that besides my point! So if such great people come all the way from their countries’ to our own humble home then you don’t need rocket science to figure out our country is indeed a beautiful country. So I started digging, Kenyans love hard proof to be convinced other than what they believe.
Beautiful Beautiful Kenya.
The three Peaks of Mt. Kenya namely: Lenana, Batian and Sendeyo. Think about a weekend hike with friends and family to the summit of Mt. Kenya.


If not Mt. Kenya then it must be The Great Rift Valley with thrilling Escarpments, Numerous birds such as the flamingos and the salty lakes. If not there then you got to get to Nakuru County! Home of all the fun with exquisite resorts in Naivasha and the big FIVE in Nakuru Game Park! Lets not forget the thrilling view of the thousands of flamingos in Lake Nakuru.

If you think you’ve been there, deal is not yet done! Have you seen our sandy beaches at the Coast? Don’t you think the view is just breath-taking? Well here is a glimpse of what you are missing.

Or the Central Province;

The Awesome Kenyan Savannas

Maybe sunsets for the romantic ladies and such – am not so great at romance either but I do realise the sparkle of love in a simple beautiful sunset.

And many more other places, doesn’t have to be a great national park like The Great Maasai Mara, a simple location with true beauty of Natural Landscapes could be just next to your school like the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Wildlife Conservation. You might be surprised that with just your student’s identification card as your entrance, you could have the moment of your life!
So feeling out of place this weekend? Tired of the noise in the city? Want a different place to crush besides your usual clubs and dance nights? Ride a bike, Catch a cab, Rent a Land Rover, Get a boat or just walk and get fine moments of being Kenyan. Get going it’s all yours for the taking.
People who Just don’t Get it!

Stern warning to the enemies of nature, we love our country and love should never be underestimated as it makes people be ready to do just about everything to protect that they love. Its sad following the brutal murder of the oldest member of the big five, Satao. She was an elephant in The Tsavo National park, 45 years of age. Poaching must be stopped!


Photo Courtesy of “Niko na Safaricom” Production
Inspired by Schola Gacheri (Sherry Gatobu) – Tourism and Hospitality Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

ImageDennis Peters (deepeters)

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