So is your opinion legitimate?

Whenever we talk of opinions about say the government, the philosophers have said it and again that everyone should be entitled to his/her own opinion even the simplest of man, the poorest or that random guy you meet under the bridge whenever you walk home. But we humans have this character of invalidating opinions lemme use monkeys, which are closest to humans for the sake of humanitarians out there, with bruised behinds, Google tells me they are called Mandrills. As a kid, and i believe most of you too, i was told whenever we went to visit the national parks in Kenya that the reason they have bruised behinds was as a result of their parents tradition of scratching their backs against the rocks. My point is, that kid monkey was not given the option of not having a bruised behind yet the parents never gave any consideration to kid monkey’s opinion. Sadly we humans are not so different either!


Opinions vs Believes.

Some of us believe in our religion – most of us, others believe in their families, politicians, evolution. Whatever the reasons you have, have you ever stopped and wondered, ‘I say i believe in this, but what do I really believe in?’ Well, me neither. Beign brought up at a strict Christian home, i don’t have the luxury of questions about beliefs thats why guys my dad must never find any of my articles or my twitter account, that besides my point, all am saying is Yes, you believe in that what you believe in but do you stop others from believing whatever their beliefs are or is you opinion hindering that? Well if i ever get kids ill raise them same way in strict Christianity. Am not willing to perform an experiment with my kids but you are, you’re free to try and write a blog about it, ill retweet it.

Now shut up and Listen!

Opinions, beliefs, rules all come hand in hand. You opinion is limited by the rules and your belief is hindered by other peoples opinions. They say rules are rules without them we are savages but fortunately even monkeys have rules or are monkeys not savages? A friend of mine always asks me why hard drugs are illegal yet its your own health its your own mouth, hard drugs are taken through the mouth, right? Well i still have not come up with an appropriate answer but if i do ill probably keep it to myself. The Kenyan constitution talks of ‘Freedom of expression’ Chapter Four – The Bill of Rights  In: Part 2. Rights and fundamental freedoms Hits: 1536 – No worries i copy pasted that from Google am not that smart. If i were able to make an addition to that bill it would be the right to believe in your own belief from childhood to adulthood.

People who Just don’t get it!

Just like there is no superior human beings no matter how much money you have, There is no superior belief and religion has never been on vote. Believe in what you wish but act inside the laws as i need my blog readers therefore don’t go to jail pal.  You might think you are so educated but still have no right to interfere with that man under the bridge opinion. Tweet or post whatever you may but let you not make others loose their faith because of your many followers or retweets. And to those I’ve been protecting all along, hold your beliefs strong only person to alter or update that should be only you!

I rest my case.

Till next week.

ImageDennis Peters (deepeters)

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