Scornful Beast, what do you want from Us?!

Dear you,

Hail to you sir sojourning in your vast empty kingdom. Apologies for the abrupt intrusion but you bet it was necessary. This time I don’t come to express my pain for someone lost but I come resolutely to find a suitable solution to your witty conundrum. I see you have made progress scornful beast, you have been up and about claiming ownership of what belongs to me. Am a little bit sad I have to admit but to be honest I have seen your determination. It scares me, I shudder in fear am frightened by you, because I have worked hard, I have seen people work hard and now your scorn seeks to completely annihilate man’s effort, Scornful beast, scornful beast your scorn stretches far and beyond that of a vengeful woman!

So I saw what you did,

I saw what you did the other week and the other week past that one. I think I have been stalking you because I also saw what you did three weeks ago, months ago too and to be more precise what you did 7 years ago to my country. Malignant beast, haunt us to our houses, enmesh us in our backyards and keep our teeth grinding in pain, resentment and fear, perhaps that’s what you want from us. But one day we will rise, determined like you, full of patience and tired of your anarchy. Continue making mountains in our lives sooner than you think we just might learn how to drill holes past them, build bridges across your broken-bank rivers, set up strong walls, stronger than the wall of China and we will prevail and make songs about you. Songs about how you lost.

I speak of Violence!

Is it that you are too thirsty you long for nothing but blood? Twitterfa48e2d_jpg

Doesn’t normal water or good old wine from the plains of France kill your thirst like it does for normal people? Or maybe its just that we, humans look like a juicy apple to you. I have read of a sad story of a 17 year old boy spraying bullets on his classmates for no reason at all, I have also seen a neighbor cut the throat of a neighbor just because their grandmothers were born from different ethnic communities. Yeah i have seen that much.

Sadly Violence resides in us

You reside in us. You make wiles so that we can trip but the one above sees us first and saves us for his own. Our fore-fathers pass your legacy of damnation from hearth to hearth. You can neither ambush us nor can you ever win, for always humanity precedes all. It send me into a frenzy of excitement whenever I think of your doom, too bad you cant swallow your pride, you are too conceited to do that.


People who Just don’t get It!

Am speaking of war, terrorism, violence, tribalism and that simple blow you hit your classmate the last time you were fighting over a girl. Acts of this negativity that resides within us. A hunger that can easily be counter-attacked by simple acts of love, compromise and tenderness. This is our world, homo-sapiens is our species and mankind is our making. You only live once everybody has said or tweeted that already, you don’t need to make others live half their lives. My prayers goes out to the Palestinians out in Gaza, victims of vicious inhumanity on even kids and women. I have said it and again if you have enough guts to fight then make sure your stupid head(i could have said worse) is smart enough to make it a fair fight.

Dennis Peters Blog acknowledges the launching of Bloggers Association of Kenya Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. BAKE DeKUT. Lets come together sharpen our pens and put it on paper.

Till next time.

2013-02-27 18.40.03 Dennis Peters (deepeters).

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