Dad, I wanted to be like you.

Hi Dad,

Greetings dad. I just had a random thought of you when I was in my bed and I decided against all odds I had to let you know how much progress I have made. Dad, I know I have not showed you my report form for the end of semester exams ever since you brought me to campus but dad, I am doing fine and it is just that we have no class teachers here in campus otherwise I would give you his or her number and he/she would tell you am always above average. Be though as it may, campus is great and the future looks very promising. I know you still want to know if I have been attending classes but Dad, I got a straight A in two units during my first year, HIV/AIDS and Communication Skills. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?

So Dad,

I have been thinking, am I that fruit that fell far away from the tree? It is quite sad actually. I too have no idea what happened, I wanted to be like you dad, I still want to be like you but the odds weighing against me are so many. My friends should tell you how proud I am whenever someone calls me by your name. Dad you should know that when others seek for role models in the football pitch and in entertainment clubs I only have one and that’s you.


Is it the way you come home in the evening and everyone wants to say Hi to you? Even our cat ‘Betsi’ knows you always come home with meat and longs for your arrival. Or is it the way you narrate stories of your youth to us during supper? Maybe it’s because everyone in the estate wants you to host his or her daughter’s graduation ceremony or the others want you contribute generously to a fund raising in you rural home. Or how they greet you in respect when you drive past them, and how you are interested in their children progress in school. Must be the way you dress in very nice suits and mirror-shined shoes on Sunday mornings headed to church. Or those days you take us to family-out dinners Sunday evening for Nyama Choma or Chicken. Or probably it’s because whenever am in trouble or broke it takes just one text to have your assistance to my satisfaction.

Therefore Dad,

Do you think I can be like you? Sadly our cat ‘Betsi’ runs away whenever she sees me, an indication of my pending failure. But I still want it all. I want to possess wisdom like yours, adventures of youth that just keep the ladies interested. I want to be able to talk politics with other men and stand out because of the knowledge and analysis of a smart person just like you dad. I want my son to be proud of our family name and even pass it on as a name of honor, family and success. I want to work hard love my job and always stand out. I want to pay my expenses in time, pay my daughter’s fees in time and encourage her to always work hard, care for my family and keep them happy always. These are the virtues you taught me dad.

Meanwhile dad,

I continue working towards your highly set standards, am going to get there however long it takes eventually. Am going to make you proud for as it stands its all what the boys dream about, ‘To make their fathers proud’. I know you will never tell me i did good but i know you are proud of me. I don’t have a daughter or a son neither a family but if i do, i will bring them up and keep them just like you. Because you are my role model and my motivation. Thanks dad.

2013-02-27 18.40.03 Dennis Peters (deepeters)

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