Pause… What are you doing?

So I had this experience in church the other day where the priest was appealing to the congregation to use their talents to better their lives and it got me thinking of things we do each and every day. I could use an analogy of animals from the Kingdom Animalia perhaps as we close in home just to drive my point home. We have the Wild Beast, a common phenomenon in East Africa.


The thing with these animals is their intelligence level, I don’t want to say it is in any way appealing but it is not far from human intelligence either. During the dry season these animals cross the Mara River into Tanzania. Mara River is populated with quite a large number of crocodiles so you can imagine how many of these Wild beast die in the process of this annual trip. Despite the crocodiles and the risky cross these animals do this repeatedly every year perhaps expecting that this year they will be lucky and cross unnoticed. If you have not had a chance to see the thrilling scene its time you save up for a trip to the Maasai Mara national park!


On the contrary we humans are intelligent, aren’t we? Well my point is that the year is half way spent, if you are like me you probably set a goal at the beginning of the year or last year or maybe three years ago. You put it to your head that you were going to achieve something. Well, get a promotion, enrol for Master’s Degree program perhaps, develop a software, maybe start your own business, or start a savings account and for the wild-ambitious like me could be to build a business empire with your name at the door. So, how is that working for you?

The issue here is not that we are hopeless because we are not. We have goals and sweet thoughts of how happy it will be when we get there. But there is no way you are going to start a savings account when each Friday every club in your town is aware of your presence because no one party’s like you. You ain’t going to enrol for a Master’s Degree or develop a software when all you do is spend hours in front of your laptop watching movies or 24 hours on twitter. Even getting a wife will prove difficult if you are the guy who knows the latest sneakers in town or has the entire EPL timetable on his head while you cannot even remember where you placed your socks.

Nature has somehow come up with this idea where you get nothing if you deserve nothing, call it Karma, sad, isn’t it? For many, me included we’d love it easy just like the Wild Beast hoping that this year we might get successful unnoticed by nature. Each goal is achievable because it is made from the most interior subconscious and going back to what the priest was talking about, there is a lot of sense now. We use talents, planning, compromise and ambition to get to where we want to be. Well the priest used a lot of words but basically that is all he was putting across. I could reference to some of the great people out there, Richard Branson and the likes but I don’t want to sound like your usual motivational speakers so I will just leave it at that. Just try hard not to be a Wild Beast!

Till next week.

Id Mubarak to the Islam friends.

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