Respect The Hustle of Kenyans.

I have been watching the news for the past few days just like any Tom, Dick and Harry. Well am dismayed. I will highlight the facts to make my point more clear, today is 28th August 2014. Its 9 pm and am tuned to Citizen TV. The headlines are ‘Referendum Push’. ODM had a meeting…blah blah that boring stuff is what am talking about Ladies and Gentlemen.

Our political system has thousands of leaders. This means that the people are more represented – this should be the case at least. This aspect however has come out such in a way that every leader sees nothing but faults and misfits of the other, and the media, well the media just needs to show more and more stories to keep their viewers tuned in. Am going to turn off my television off now and I will tell you the reason.

Our country has a new system in the form of a constitution. Any one of you who has done any System Analysis and Design knows that after establishing a new system comes maintenance where you can scrap off the ailing parts of the system or simply repair them for effective output and input. We are yet to finish the installation of this constitution yet the news is all about individuals with the intention of scraping off parts of the same system. Am not one to pick sides especially on my articles but ladies and gentlemen lets learn to condemn colossal stupidity whenever we see one!

Further into the news(yeah I switched back on my T.V.) I see workers, nurses are on strike, working conditions are unbearable. No medicine hygiene in our few hospitals is disastrous mortality levels in Northern Kenya makes you just shake your head in distress. Yet we are on the verge of an Ebola outbreak and still the news screaming referendum!! Raila this Raila that! I have got no disrespect for any politician but we are not going to be objects to keep you relevant when development and our lives hung by the stake. Too much politics and noise will neither feed you nor improve your life, pick your preferences carefully friends.

An already full plate can not hold more food – basic home science. We have unemployment at scaring levels, graduates everywhere walk across the country in search for jobs with no avail. Still we continue to ail from diseases that were exterminated from developed countries long ago like Malaria and Tuberculosis just because we cannot get the medicine to the people at the right time in the right proportion and corruption free. Slums continue to expand even in our previously cleanest and most beautiful town – Nakuru. Housing in these towns has proved unaffordable. Now what is the size of this plate of ours? We have insecurity levels rising in every town. Ask anyone in such a simple town as Nyeri that is supposed to be full of nice people from one community living in peace and harmony but everyone that lives there knows better than to be out past 7 pm least you do not love your life. And there is terrorism too brother or do you happen think Al-shabab gave us a break, huh?!

Can this plate of ours still have individuals seeking to be relevant taking us to the ballot box for a referendum. No is the answer and if you think otherwise then you have not been reading this article. We need our workers to go back to work. We need to improve our security systems so that we can have investors come create jobs for our populace. We need to get rid of corruption. No, Mister Raila now is not the time for throw and catch politics sir, Respect the Hustle of Kenyans.

2013-02-27 18.40.03
Dennis Peters (deepeters)

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