Watched a Movie Last Night.

Amongst the things most of you all look up to at the end of a tiresome day or during a long boring weekend is watching a movie. I watch movies too, I watch Bondooks, Men at Work and Justice League. My preference is quite messed up but you get the general idea – Movies. So I have been watching these movies for close bi to two decades and then I stopped to think, what in Odeon’s beard have I been doing (get it? Odeon’s beard from Thor in the avengers, funny right?).
In the past I suppose more than two decades ago when I was probably not Dennis Peters yet, people used to go and watch plays Shred of Tenderness, Enemy of the People and the likes. People actually paid to be entertained, like there was no Watch Series Online or YouTube where we download movies for free, before I forget thanks to you all out there who upload these movies for us, Merci Beacoup. People who actually know the struggle like in Spartacus where someone had to die in the arena for people to get entertained (Yeah, am shaking my head too). You see entertainment was a tussle guys read books for entertainment, I mean books that are nowadays only found in school and opened only when there is a class. I think am lucky to be in the 21st Century, don’t you too?
Amongst the things I have learnt to appreciate in movies is the general sense of superiority Americans have been portraying all the way from Hollywood. Real quick let me give you an example, in a beautiful comedy such as My Wife and Kids or Mellissa and Joey, ever noticed the characters live in a normal home but at no particular instance does any of the character do the dishes? In Mellissa and Joey, Joey is a nanny who never does the dishes, I mean like where the hell do their dirty dishes go? Well we should probably fear Americans should we ever come to war. I suppose in their armies they would have Vampires, large human wolves, zombies and even alien technology. I always dreamed to have an alien super human best friend till I was eleven and realised that was never going to be now I just shudder in anticipated fear should angels, aliens or zombies attack.
My Grandma used to tell us stories when we were young, stories such us Hare and Hyena, War with the Maasai Morans all dating to the Pre-Colonial period when animals could speak. Usually my sister would keep kicking my feet below the table because I often fell asleep before the story was half way. The difference between that entertainment and this Tom and Jerry entertainment is the fact that at the end of those stories each had a lesson like, do not be lazy, Maasai Morans had fierce courage and strength to kill lions with bare hands which was a factor to try and emulate. Unfortunately those lessons are invalid right now. You can call me lazy for spending the entire day in bed with my laptop but am probably doing creative stuff like I am now, or am I not? Courage to kill lions is not really relevant because I feared spiders and right now we are saving lions from extinction.
People right now rate movies and music fourth immediately after food, shelter and clothes or how do you explain earphones on your ears from dawn to dusk or TVs in every living room, you barely use you phone for calls only so there is that too.  Entertainment is no longer a side activity it is the main activity or do you want me to go ahead and tell you parents you tweet every afternoon from one in class or at your work place. In fact some of you ladies are on Instagram 45 minutes of every hour. Times when people sat and shared stuff is almost extinct, I mean my sister send me a text to come for supper from my room which is separated by a wall!
Well like I was saying before all these thoughts came crashing in, I watched a movie last night. The movie was Avengers and I was watching it for the 7th time. I loved the Movie.

Meet the writer Dennis Peters.

Meet the writer
Dennis Peters.

2 thoughts on “Watched a Movie Last Night.

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  2. Avengers, really bruh?
    Seven times?

    You can’t be a movie buff if you haven’t watched pulp fiction, training day and shawshank redemption
    Those are the kind of motion pictures you watch over and over.
    Check yourself!
    Great read tho


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