Free Public Wi-Fi for Everyone.

For most of you me included, your home town is a very special place and you always carry it close at heart anytime you are away. Well, I come from the beautiful town, Nakuru. A really astonishing place but I will tell you about it next time for now know that we have free public Wi-Fi or at least it was there during the launch. So, that besides my point, last semester before we went for holiday I was in an extreme state of bliss. The papers and the news boys had declared that Nakuru – Kenya had joined the ‘league’ of awesome towns with public Wi-Fi with the members Kigali – Rwanda, Cape Town – South Africa and such sophisticated cities. That was March this year.


My friends from other big cities, Nairobi and the likes were at no peace. Day in day out I reminded them how technologically advanced my town was and been Computer Scientists and Information Technologists this was a big deal. They talked of awesome beaches, skyscraper buildings and those from Nyanza tried to tune me down by talking of Lake Victoria but none, no any one of them could compare to free public wireless network. I was a god in my own way.
First thing I did once I got to Nakuru was check out all the wireless networks from my Nokia Lumia, there was KU Nakuru Town Campus Network and some other funny name network, there was nothing like Nakuru Free Public Wi-Fi or Itumbi Network, none of that. At first I thought my phone had a problem or maybe I was far away from an access point so I restarted my phone and moved to Kenyatta Avenue where I thought the network was supposed to be strongest. It came as a rude shock that I could see nothing of the highly publicized project. To be certain I called some of my homies and all they did was laugh at me as if I was the kind of alien in a kindergarten class with really big and bulgy eyes. The damn project was a flop!

Up to now I still do not understand how you can launch something that is never to be, it is more like been in a movie trailer and not in the movie, unless you are Kevin Hart of course. As an educated and highly loyal citizen of Nakuru County I held myself from doing anything rash in my disappointment and instead went over the details of the project. Well there was Dennis Itumbi, there was Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and there was Dennis Itumbi again! What really makes it annoying is how the news boys put it ‘the project will be implemented and funded by well-wishers and Itumbi’s fans and friends’. See what they did there? They just made Itumbi a hero of the story.
This scenario implies either one of this three things:
1. The project was fraud.
2. Someone thought we are just stupid.
3. The project was fraud.

Disappointed by thoughts of anticipation, I bought myself a 40mb data bundle and walked home. In my head I could see my Nairobi and Kisumu friends laughing hysterically at me. I brushed the thoughts away and reminded myself of the beauty of been back home after long five months in school. My Governor had let me down but life had to move on. Politicians do lie that is for sure but I never expected it to be this close home. Well, as for Dennis Itumbi, I do not know what is more annoying the fact that he made a lie to our faces or the idea that we share a name. He did get his 15 seconds of spotlight though because I remember 3 days after the announcement of the project I actually considered him my hero.

What is done is done, I tweet this article to our esteemed governor and Mr. Itumbi demanding an explanation or simply just a good reason. With the kind of lies these people tell us, I suppose ‘our Mozilla Firefox software crashed’ could be a reason too.

Photo Courtesy: Citizen News.
Meet the writer:

Meet the writer Dennis Peters.

Meet the writer
Dennis Peters.

Dennis Peters (deepeters)

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