Going Google….

You have probably used Google in one instance or the other whether to search your name for prestige purposes, to check out your favorite celebrity or simply to copy paste your assignment of which this category contains most of us. There are several things am beholden about in this life, one is the power of the mind two is the characteristic of humans to love and the third is Google. The purpose of Google in our lives cannot by understated. Personally am astonished by the number of servers that Google is whispered to have.
The Google Student Ambassador program was started by Google to Universities worldwide to ensure that you online experience was productive and fulfilling. A couple of students depending on the size of the university apply for the google student ambassador post annually. Once you are a GSA then son/daughter, consider yourself a success in life. Google hosts these students to a luxurious hotel for a week or so, train them on Google and its products in this case applications and website layouts. These ‘chosen’ students then host events in the schools to train the students fully funded by Google and not just training but also fun activities such as the grand Movie Night II in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

If you have been following up on my articles, you remember I told you no other place in Kenya do students party like they do in Dedan Kimathi. The fact that these events occur once in a fortnight or so makes them just legendary. Usually parties leave you with a hangover, broke and with a bad attitude the entire next day, it is just like visiting day back in boarding primary school when we used to starve ourselves on the night eve to visiting day so that you could leave space for food the next day. The annoying thing about this arrangement however is that you could hardly breath after eating the entire day from homemade chapattis to junk food and ended up with a stomach ache. I wonder how this is different from any prison anywhere but that is probably none of my business.

Movie Night 2 will simply be an exquisite party and the talk students everywhere in the country. I remember vividly that night, movie night I. I hope am not the only one with friends that go everywhere there is a party it is very annoying. There are these days the week is so long and all you want to do is sleep the entire weekend, well that was the time Mike and Maureen called me to tell me to make supper for five that night. So I had these friends from Kenyatta University and Nairobi University crush into my small house on Thursday a day before the Movie party. Originally I had no idea of the party so at first I thought the guys had wrong information and wasted their time to come all the way to Nyeri for a party that was not there but that was just me been oblivious. So on Friday though not exclusively out of will we got to Farmhouse, a typical common place for Dedan Kimathi Students. To be totally candid and precise after that night it felt as if I had just spent the night at MTV movie awards with Jessica Alba.

Everyone loves movies, I mean I love Boondocks, you love X-Men Days of Future Past, you girl loves Think Like a Man 2 and your mouthy friend likes Transformers Age of Extinction. If this is the case then you need to make it to Movie Night II. I will be representing Riley Freeman I hope I find my Jessica Alba while at it too. I heard my two friends argue this morning that Kevin Hart does better stand-up comedy shows than Chris Rock well, for what it’s worth I think they are both amazing but I will probably vote for Kevin Hart that nigga stupid! Before I forget you guys watched Dominion? Am told our fear for alien attack, zombie invasion and vampire massacre just got worse! Sources reveal that Angels could attack humans for the fact that we are natural enemies.
PicsArt_10_2_2014 1_38_43 PM

Donald Triumph believes in bragging, I think it is stupid and immature but unless you do not want to see me brag of my experience at movie night two after 10th October grab a cab, board a matatu or just walk (this is utterly dependent on your struggle level or your boyfriend’s struggle level) and get to Nyeri Dedan Kimathi Farm House Grounds. MTV Movie awards here in our country live with an amazing after party from six to dawn. House music, DJs as good as David Guetta or Tiesto and hot party girls the likes of my party friend Maureen. Tickets are everywhere just make a sound and you will have the ticket.


Meet the writer Dennis Peters at Movie night II.

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