A Single Puff..

I happen to follow an amazing instagram account that is all about sheesha parties. They post photos of ‘awesome’ sheesha smokes from parties, in fact in some photo the smoke forms some kind of animal I cannot tell if it is a dear, zebra, deabra (half dear, half zebra) or simply Photoshop, whichever the photo is simply splendid art. Usually most of this pictures leave me astounded with unverified anticipation to perform such glamorous acts and I could imagine this happens to quite a number.  Do not mistake me for suggesting that there is something fundamentally wrong with this I suppose it is just advertising and as it has always been put across by business consultants everywhere there is power in advertising.
What I find despicable however is what our music protagonists find pleasure in along their music videos and music messages. For instance ‘so what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed, we’re just having fun, we don’t care who sees’. As a potential parent in future, damn right I have a problem with that line. No I do not want my teenage daughter to smoke weed or get drunk leave alone have fun in night clubs. It does not come as a surprise how this generation obstinately declines to take up responsibility in simple acts such studies and we end up with the annoying term ‘half-baked’ from our universities and learning institutions along with a series of rowdy demonstrations and destruction. Well am happy to announce I have the report from what happens at the ground.
It is Monday morning, well you probably have a class at 8 am along with 300 other students. The last time you went to this class, it was so full you got nothing since it has only one lecturer who unfortunately has small vocals and the government neglected the idea of public speaking machines in lecture halls. Your thoughts are, go to the same class and gain nothing from the three hour lecture or should you be so inclined to obtain knowledge as it is supposed to be, wait for the lecturer to hand out notes and study by yourself. Both of these are wise decisions but on this bright Monday option two leaves you with nothing to do the entire day.
If this keeps happening as a normal human being you resolve to enlighten yourself with other sources of amusement. Sheesha, weed or alcohol perhaps. Furthermore the government hands you an educational loan every semester so you are probably not living the ‘hand to mouth’ situation. Cubicle parties with strong spirits as drinks and weed for the extremists is what happens. Well, allow me to remind you of the hangover days stolen from your life plus the addiction concept which in this case is the most dangerous. One by one productive days start being snatched one after the other from your desperate school life and well alcohol has a way to beseech you to have another if not today, then tomorrow. The only glimmer of hope now is the fact that you are not alone in this demise.
I could write to the government ask them to introduce public speaking machines in lecture halls or improve basic resources such as more lecturers. I could also implore you to hold on tight and life will get better with time perhaps after campus but I am destined to fail in both these attempts. The government will probably not listen or will merely ignore me and life after campus unfortunately just gets tougher and less amusing. Am told it is easier for a camel to get through a needle hole than for a graduate to get a job without prior familiarity with those in power. One thing I could however succeed in is appeal to your sub-conscious not to allow wasting away of productive days chasing unfulfilling ambitions.
On Monday I certainly will go to that 8 am class. To suppress all the negative energy of distraction and fruitless lectures, I will get to class 20 minutes earlier sit close by the front and take notes perhaps I will get an A in the unit take a first class honours undergraduate degree home and then I will need to kiss no ass to get me employed. I believe a brain that can manage an A can also manage to figure out how to get me a six figure salary every month. As for you tempting sheesha photos and weed music I think you should forge forth perhaps that’s how you earn your six figure salary I just have to teach my daughter strict morals.
I rest my case.
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