In my few grim years in high school amongst the things I adored most was the general sense of disparity from each and every student. This refers to the different fundamental origins and behaviors of each student, rich kids, cool kids, annoying kids, conservative morons, despicable haters, the list is endless. Fortunately my school had its perks, when you guys speak of corporal punishment that was unheard of in my school no wonder the naughty kids kept winning every time. Kids should be beaten severally a day or join NYS after high school lest we want to manufacture large scale colossal  insubordinate adults who seek to oust everything good and replace it with rowdy unruly pointless endeavors, need I reference you to the number of the uncouth demonstrations in our higher learning institutions in the past one month. Like everything else in our God-given universe, every situation has a hero. A person who stands tall when a villain from the underground attacks aiming to be a tyrant and rule the world, the likes of Batman and Robin. Ian was his name. This guy almost astounded me in every single move he made, he was royalty and he knew it. You know how when someone calls out your name from the back and you just turn around fast no thoughts of caution or anything? Well that was definitely not Ian! He could turn back as in such a way kings do, shoulders first with the head turned halfway then now he would look at you, trust me if you intended to say something that was irrelevant you would have to cut that conversation short. When Ian explained simple things in class or gave instructions (he was a prefect though the principal insisted we call them student leaders) he would use his hand, the right one to be precise with the left one in his pocket at some point I compared him with Harvey Specter from Suits or Elijah Michelson from The Originals. He would obstinately emphasize his beliefs creating clear logic and applicable analogies convincing you of any doubt you had, this was unlike any political charisma that includes a series of lies so that we can vote you in. Ian was a Christian, whenever he made a communal prayer for our class (we did it in turns) he would pray for the Presidents in the house, “Almighty father you have blessed us with great future leaders in this class, presidents, CEOs of large firms and even judges of our supreme courts” . After such a prayer I studied hard, I did not want to miss out on the great opportunities given to us generously by God as Ian said. I remember vividly in form two just after we had left form one. Now, during our form one admission the government had ordered a larger number of students be admitted to each high school in order to provide room for the increasing population. Due to this, our school introduced a fifth stream of which originally were four, North, West, South and East. The fifth one which became ours was Central. Then it so happened that when we had to move to form two the school had abandoned the basic idea that we would need a new class. Well till now I have not forgotten the rage from Ian, he claimed that we were been treated as outcasts, he referred to racism in the west in the 90s. Am not sure how the idea of racism fitted in in this situation but Ian did make it fit and it sounded perfect. He managed to mobilize us saying that we had to ensure the other sibling Central classes that came after us never had to experience such humiliation and trust me from then we had a new class till we completed our course in form four. Ian wanted to be a lawyer on his journey to his ultimate goal to become president. Well, I did believe he would be president I mean a guy who is always smartly dress, among the top students in class and spoke perfect French, I still believe he is going to be president. As much as I remember his benevolence run from the seniors all the way to the juniors like a politician looking for votes. His indignation was towards prejudicial personalities. He always referenced to the Kenyan constitution in arguments and believed in diplomacy. In his royalty behavior you would easily suppose he was an autocrat but that is illegal in the 21st century since Gaddafi plus I do not think he can be a dictator or can he? I was not close to Ian, I mean am the rebellious, repulsive kind and I just described Ian but he is one of the personalities any parent would want for a son. My future son if you are reading this please emulate Ian lest I will beat the crap out of you. Happy 20th Birthday Ian Obwoge Magara. Two decades in this world, we give you one more and am certain you will be president and implement those great ideas you always had. The Writer:

Dennis Peters Deepeters.

Dennis Peters

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