Fun Weekend.

I know that when I speak of fun weekend you and I are totally on two different pages. The general idea of a fun weekend is booze, night outs till late or up to the morning, which are also kind of fun but this weekend is not anything like that. Well it comprises my friend Eric seated next to me with his laptop (Erick is a programming geek)and me, eyes heavy with sleep, red as a ripe tomato. It has been 24 hours since any of us saw our beds and none of us is going near his or her bed for the next 24 hours still. I know you are probably rolling your eyes saying ‘Msiba wa kujitakia hauhitaji pole’ (when you get into deep trouble of your own making do not expect sympathy, kind of like ‘You made your bed so must lie on it’). Well trust me right here at Nyeri Civic Hack none of us has any regrets.


Erick and I were making an application which went down south for reasons too embarrassing to disclose, but like I said Erick is a smart guy, right now we are half way done with our plan B backup application which is going to be ready in the next six hours with 18 hours to spare. 18 hours sounds a lot so I asked Eric for a two-hour break to publish this article. Writing fills me up with weird electricity so my sleepy eyes are back to life for the next two hours. Be it as may it is only fair I tell you what kind of project Erick and I will be presenting tomorrow, well we have manufactured a chopper that can fly without fuel and that is our mere plan B so it is only fair I do not brag with our plan A.



One of the lessons I have learnt this weekend is that most developers are no jokers. See, today being Saturday I expected that we would have fun, like loud music, dance a little the usual stuff we do every other day. Well today being Saturday everyone has had their eyes on their laptops the entire day! The kind of murmurs you hear are those of passing knowledge with geeky complex vocabulary like algorithms and firewalls (Get no ideas, I know what a firewall is and I also know what an algorithm is). Am certain that it is not the winner’s Ksh 50000 that is keeping them busy, most developers are by nature very silent people only speaking binary numerals with their computers.


If you are the kind of people who get disheartened rapidly, Nyeri Civic Hack would prove very difficult to you. Great minds and people who have been doing this for a very long while beat your confidence ten to zero. Erick however being his first time is determined more than ever. The only thing larger than Erick’s ambition is the sky. So we will keep writing code sleepy or not until we are satisfied that we have done the best we could. The annoying thing about writing code though is that you could write a perfect piece and then at the terminus realize you made a stupid mistake therefore have to repeat everything from scratch unlike blogging or writing books where everything is perfect as far as the readers love it. Computers are so unsentimental.


Nyeri Civic hack is a place to be, not because of the enormous cash prizes to the winners or the great food and retreat they give the participants for the forty eight hours but because of the career growth the event gives you. It could be unfortunate that you fail to win but amongst the jury and resourceful county people someone could possibly see a brilliant idea and decide to invest in it, if it is yours then millionaire before twenty is your slogan. I would not have missed this event for anything neither will I for any future chance to crawl out of the ‘prospective employees’ to independent inventor and millionaire before twenty.

Photo Courtesy: Dennis Peters.

The Writer:

Dennis Peters Deepeters.

Dennis Peters

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