Almost everyone knows the disappointment when you have the right questions but no right answers. Well, I do. Now it is not once or twice that you have had to research a question on Google or Bing and ended up disappointed. This all comes down to the basic point: right questions, no right answers. The internet is a wonder. It is in my opinion the largest discovery we as humans have made since fire in the Homo erectus period. But like all other discoveries, if we suffer from continuous a deficiency of implementing a discovery it becomes a lost effort. Let me cut to the chase and say this, without a proper way to obtain information from the internet then the millions of terabytes of data available online is a lost course.

ConEdu deals with learners. It is a web application designed to aid retrieval of information by learners everywhere in the world. I will take my little class five sister in the Kenyan curriculum, her name is Viona as my case study. Now, Viona uses my computer to do research on her holiday assignments and extra work. Today she intends to find out more about the digestive system with proper references from the internet. Like any other person elsewhere Viona types ‘Digestive System’ on Google’s search box and hits search. A ten thousand results page appears almost instantly thanks to fast 3G internet. This means Viona is required to start filtering information by skimming through the results until she finds one that suits her. A nine year old cannot handle this much data so like always she resolves to ask me for aid to obtain information from the largest discovery man has ever made.

Like I said, correct questions, no correct answers.

Now what ConEdu does is that it takes these results from Google or Bing classifies them in the order of which information is relevant to who. It is like having shelves with different sizes where by a box of exactly a fixed size is supposed to go into. A large box cannot fit in a small shelve and a small box cannot be held on a large shelve, everything is supposed to fit to its perfect size. ConEdu suggests that we can give Viona five results applicable and relevant to her intellectual class from the ten thousand results. This means we have eliminated complex post graduate data of the alimentary canal, we have cancelled the probability of an irrelevant blog by some attention seeker with the title ‘digestive system’ and we have handed the learner a correct reference for his/her research. Correct questions receiving correct answers.

ConEdu has classifications according to the Kenyan Curriculum as developed by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). This means it has categories all the way from Class One to Class Eight for Primary school and Form one to Form four for Secondary School. Every class is represented by a shelve and the information they obtain from the internet is the box. The kind of information a class five pupil has of the respiratory system is different from the kind of access on the same topic a form two in secondary school has.

ConEdu is the future of learning. With improving technology every single day Education will not still be fundamentally founded on the textbooks we give in class or the information teachers have from teaching the same concepts for years. Soon students will need to discover for themselves through research. Information is everywhere in our today’s networked society and it is only right we feed our young learners the correct information.

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