Long Gone

II I woke up with my phone in my hand. Not just any kind of waking up it was as fierce as starting an old car engine, the kind of car that needs hot water to roust probably because it has not been used in years. Such a car that the sound of its engine gives you creeps because its sound alone is enough to convince you the engine could go ‘KABOOM’ anytime and turn you into a hot barbeque. The cold in the room I was in was simply atrocious but I certainly did notice sweat from my fore-head and armpits. It was dark and I was in an oblivion in terms of time, day, month, decade, century and millennium!
How long had I been asleep?
Quickly, I checked my phone but it did nothing to solve my pending predicament, it was out of juice. Somewhere in my mind a voice kept asking ‘where was I?’ Considering what I could remember this was definitely hell because it was freezing cold and we all know hell is cold, don’t we? Funny how I could have been dead but still remembered the existence of hell. Well, this hell was definitely cosy because why I lay was a good bed with sheets and covers. Not only was I in immense physical darkness but my mind also was in a state of confinement with bounds I did not have a key to unshackle.
Stretching my arms perhaps to feel the four walls since I could not see, I touched something soft, very soft and from what I could make out in the darkness it was a teddy bear. Instantly it hit me I was 19 years old, a boy and still slept with a teddy bear. Well this is definitely not something am proud of but at least now I had a memory, one single teddy bear memory better than nothing. My arms continued to search around I felt the ice cold walls and the hard wood large bed too now I could tell where I lay was a bed.
Astounded by my progressive discoveries I let myself gently out of the bed now hunting for the door, window or just something that could ensure me I was not in hell. In my futile attempts, I hit something down below and landed on my face now certainly sure I had a concussion. It was my work-out weights lying on the floor, at least now I had established I was untidy but well built. The hit on my head had definitely done something because suddenly all these memories of her came rushing to my head in gushing waves.
Stunning beauty.
I remembered her exquisite smile and left dimple. Her gentleness ran me into an enmeshment of pleasure I could not understand. What was her name? Yeah it was Juniper. Juniper of great beauty. Her well-formed features vividly appeared in my misty head, big brown eyes and soft lips. Her kind laugh sounded like Adele’s music in my tiny brain eyes. Who was Juniper? My Wife? Girlfriend or cousin? I brushed cousin off, there was no way I could remember a cousin in that great detail. Picking myself up now with an irrefutable conundrum to solve I continued my journey to the door. The door I probably should never have opened!
Opening the door, a loud creak as if the door had not been greased for a millennium made me jump a little. Light came crushing into the dark room blinding me for ten to fifteen minutes. All these surprises now made me indignant lest I had known what lay ahead to surprise me out of my own skin. Once I recovered, I noticed the unfamiliarity all around, mould grew all around the buildings and plants seemed to have taken over the human habitat for even my door required a lot of energy to push out. Now I only had one question, ‘HOW LONG HAD I BEEN ASLEEEP’
Where was everyone?
I must have spent over thirty minutes staring with my mouth agape but once I came to my senses I figured out the best way to get answers was my phone, remember the phone I woke up with? Well at least one thing seemed to work because once I plugged in the charger the phone screen burst into light and began to boot. I waited impatiently for the phone to light up sweating profusely all over. The lock screen page appeared almost instantly and there was Juniper and I smiling. We seemed very happy and directly connected the dots out of Juniper’s ring that we were engaged. Engaged at 19?
This distraction definitely kept me from noticing on the right corner of the phone the date read 12th December 2024. I had been asleep for a decade! I was no longer 19 but 29! I passed out almost immediately but once I woke nothing else mattered, all I knew is that I had to find Juniper. Juniper, my wife to be or to have been. How old was Juniper now? I dared not ask myself that.

The Writer:

Meet the writer Dennis Peters.

Meet the writer
Dennis Peters.

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