What to wear today

Style, fashion, vogue, fads or trends out of style. These are terms which I believe most of you if not all have heard or used. Personally I would love to consider myself as a stylish person, fashionista for most of you. Am not a fashion blogger per say but then it has been a long term goal of mine to write a thing or two about fashion and style. For most ladies out there, looking good and glamorous is not only mandatory but a necessity. If you follow this blog you must be wondering since when does Dennis care about fashion, well Dennis knows nothing about fashion and it is not him.


I would love to talk about my personal favourites today as I welcome you to knowing me better. Chinese collar dress. Ever wondered how the Chinese culture is so rich and diverse, let us not even begin on how many alphabets they have! This dress never ceases to amaze me, commonly known as Kimono. I personally think that this dress has all the features I look for when shopping for dresses. I cannot even put to words the comfort and simplicity of the dress. With this dress you can attend events and stand out or is it not what we always hope for?


This has to be one of my favourites! The Faux-paus leather jeans. Am already laughing at the pronunciation of the Faux-paus, yeah its French so let us just call it ‘Half leather half tight jeans’. Now we are on the same page I suppose. Paired with a pretty tunk top or even a crop top. This look oozes comfort not forgetting style. I decided to pair this pants with my unisex boots and fancy crop top and the final look as you can all agree is exquisite. Try this some time.


The little black dress! I would like to talk about this black dress but I think by now anyone who has a sense of fashion knows that with black, it can never go wrong. That kind of sums it up, doesn’t it?
Well till next time when Dennis allows to put my pen on his paper for me its goodbye. Stay stylish. Stay fashionable, not necessarily trendy. Simply keep looking good and remember simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keep smiling.
Photo regards: Linet Mwambi.

Linet Mwambi

Linet Mwambi

Meet the writer and model: Maureen Mwambi.

Maureen Mwambi

Maureen Mwambi

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