Moments 2014

Have you ever this feeling where you are so grateful at someone such that you would literally buy them 500 MB data? Me neither, it is just a figure of speech but in a parallel world I would get you guys each 500 MB data for clicking this link even when the last text you got was from Bob Collymore reminding you that you cannot own a smart phone yet insist on surviving below 2 MB. Before I even start, I will not get you 500 MB data but even better, 2015 is all yours.

Best Blog
I will start by this blog Kate Njenga This blog flatters me, began as my intern and gathered more views than I ever had in any of my articles. Currently I am the intern, if this teaches you guys anything it is that fate is as cruel as that supplementary letter I got from our dean telling me I had to redo an exam the third time! Like how stupid am I to fail the first and the second time too? Yeah sometimes demons decide to attack even your grades. That beside, Kate Njenga is my best blog not just because of the amazing art, skill and literature but also the creativity and originality of the articles.

Achievement 2014
Dennis Peters Blog. This has to be my greatest achievement in 2014. I remember that day I had a text from our school’s PR asking me to advertise a certain function in school. Then, my blog had been running for only a month and I really had not thought of making money using my writing but then there was the chance wide open, an expensive mineral waiting for me to discover it. Since then Movie Night II, Going Google and Nyeri Civic Hack amongst others have been commercial blogs of the same kind.

Guest Blogs
My first guest article was by Susan Njoki, a very beautiful lady, the kind of beauty as such as Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ship. The article was No, You Crossed the Line which was a social article about relationships. For a moment then, reading that article made me, a cold heart hard gangstar, almost shed a tear (just one tear to be clear). For the record the last time I cried I was in class five, a new face in Naivasha Boys Boarding, when the teacher on duty found it right to work on my back because I was late to wake up. I will never forgive that nigga! Not in this life. Maureen Mwambi’s What to wear today has to be one of the most viewed article. Two characteristics you just don’t find, glamour and intellect in one person. Maureen modelled in that fashion article and also wrote the article. Well, Dennis Peters Blog wishes Maureen all the best in Miss University 2015.

Best Articles 2014
My very first article, The Boy has to be my best blog. It was about the long term effects of The Post-Election Violence. A beginning article that received a 3 figure view impelled me to work more and since then Ian, Long Gone and Fun Weekend have lived up beyond my expectation. Other articles especially on Kate Njenga Men in Suits and Finest China and definitely the best My Unsung Heroes which was published on Mashujaa day when we were paying tribute to our protagonists. The writer of this article did not sing Dedan Kimathi or Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, she simply reflected on unsung heroes we meet everyday. If I was a judge out there declaring who deserves to write and who does not, then the writer that article would have to receive the nobel writing prize. Not forgetting annoying articles too from Bikozulu like that about wearing a clean underwear (Read Here).

Characters 2014
Before I tell you people what this title about, Let me take you to Meru County Miss World beauty pageant where my very first neighbour when I moved to Nyeri literally carried the show. There are these moments when you come home tired and decide to have a short nap before you wake up make something to eat then you wake up at one and decide to make a run for morning hungry as hell. This one such time at around 10 a soft knock on my door wakes me up and I open the door. Standing outside is Miss Schola Gacheri a dish on her hand, she makes a joke that she had decided to be philanthropic and hands me the dish. An angel. Well, we #TeamSchola promise to support her all through her modelling career though personally I can never repay this kindness.
This title was about James Thuo by the way, I have never seen this guy in a suit till the other day.

James Thuo

James Thuo

altAlnjaoVjmmIRS8cXuYcmC7HYsFQ1cWxfzNghBWC2X8aP[1] Schola Gacheri[/caption]

Fun Times 2014
Every beginning of a year I ask myself, ‘What happens if the coming year’s fun moments do not live up to the trend?’ I still ask myself the same this year.

Dennis Peters Blog 2015
This blog has managed a four figure view with only four months running. Not because I can declare am a great writer (though I suppose I am) but because of your support. Slowly but steadily we will get as good as Bikozulu and even better. Every view, share, like, comment, insult and hater has helped get us here and I would not ask any of you not even the critics to slow down. Dennis Peters Blog 2015 aims at BAKE awards and such glamorous shit you hear on twitter. But most of all the real task is to give you stuff to do in waiting queues in the cafeterias, banks and HELB customer care offices.

Am Leaving now
You guys VOTE for me on the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015. We have made an awesome web application (SEE HERE). Just submit your Email then open your email and confirm the link. Happy 2015. Have fun, make money and treat your lady right.
The Writer:

Dennis Peters Deepeters.

Dennis Peters

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