Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part One.

The Genesis
Dad, do you think from here to Nairobi is further than from the foot to the top of Mt. Kenya?”

I asked Mr Njenga one sunny, festive afternoon as he drove through the green savannahs of the Central Province.

“There is a difference between height and length son.”

He replied vaguely to my thousandth question. Come to think of it, he was probably having a difficult time keeping his eyes on the road yet replying all this endless curiosity questions in fact my mom seated next to him on the front seats of his KAA Toyota Corolla had got tired and slept. My sister on the other hand had her ear phones on the whole time probably avoiding me too. I was like a nasty bee buzzing on your eyes but none of this could put me down. I was on a discovery spree.

“I would love to visit Mt. Kenya someday climb to the top to where the snow is”

I finally concluded. It was 24th December 2001. Njenga and his family were all headed upcountry to spend time with relatives. This happened every year and been a six year old boy the world seemed vast and difficult to comprehend. It was an irrefutable conundrum I struggled to solve every day. When the traffic boys in blue waved at us, I asked questions, when we met a lonely passenger and we did not stop to give him a ride on the empty back seat, I asked questions, when we stopped for gas and the attendant dusted the wind screen, I asked questions. To be honest now I understand why my sister never got rid of her stupid earphones.

That was then now its 2015, no longer six but headed to twenty in a matter of days. Still I wonder how high Mt. Kenya is. Google says its 5199 Meters but I still do not get it. I travel to school and it is visible on early mornings from the highway but I am no longer looking, I am the one with earphones now staring intently at my phone screen. My mind resolved that climbing Mt. Kenya was unachievable when the years raced and my mind grew. But deep inside the curious six year old lies in sleep perhaps waiting for an opportunity to climb out. An opportunity such as the Climb to Educate Charity Campaign courtesy of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Mt. Kenya Sculpture at Dedan Kimathi University

Mt. Kenya Sculpture at Dedan Kimathi University

My second year in Dedan Kimathi University heads to a terminus. Each day I pass by the model sculpture of Mt Kenya just past the university gate though I am certain most of you have never seen it. On a happy morning, one I do not have a lot of texts to reply or tweets to favorite I throw a glance or two to the horizon where the mountain glares at us perhaps angry that with all the glamor, beauty and strength we do not pay enough attention. No wonder when the sun appears it hides behind the clouds not to be seen no more. Still I have not had the opportunity to visit this intrepid symbol of our country at least not until 16th to 20th February, 2015 when the Climb to Educate campaign will commence.

During this venture organized by Dedan Kimathi University and Dedan Kimathi University Students, I will not only have the chance to have a lot of fun fully funded and get answers for my questions but also raise funds for bursaries and scholarships for the needy among us. This is the kind of occurrence you say ‘one stone, three birds’ not really sure if that’s possible leave alone the question why you would be throwing stones at birds.

Highest Peak of Mt. Kenya - Batian

Highest Peak of Mt. Kenya – Batian

Climbing Mt. Kenya will be a cultural and technological expedition where by the main objectives are:

  • Building the DeKUT Endowment Fund for needy students.
  • Promote the growth of DeKUT family where staff, students and stakeholders positively engage with the purpose of deepening the individual relationships in a new and refreshing way.
  • To provide opportunities for DeKUT students and fraternity to harness and horn their useful energy, brilliance and shine all over Kenya from the mountain top.


Be part of this profound experience:

The Writer:

Dennis Peters Deepeters.

Dennis Peters

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