Electric Trains

Keep Moving
Faster than Electric Trains
Aren’t you scared of crushing?
Your speeds I don’t fathom
I’ll follow your behind
Slowly, careful of my step
A concept you no longer value
I do

Short skirts
Meters way up your knees
Fifteen inch heels
Aren’t you going to break your legs?
Don’t you feel cold?
Is that what you leave me behind for?
Walking as if you are doing a commercial
With the product being
Your barely covered body
Is this where we are now?
Just keep walking
We probably on different paths

At Naivas Supermarket
I saw you
Arms around your girlfriend
Kissing passionately
It’s February
The month of love
Do you even hear yourself?
Electric trains
Keep moving

My brother
You got your first salary the other day
Leather seats
Blue Subaru
And Diamond earrings for your girlfriend
Did they tell you saving is only for dumb people?
Or is it that you just love speeds?
Driving fast cars
Barely with a destination
Just keep moving

Your old man called the other day
Big news today
That you grandma passed away
Asked why you haven’t come home since you went away
Stubborn as you are
In your bed you lay
Sent money and thought
Everything would be okay
Go home!

What’s with the language?
SHs, Ds, Ps and Fs
Is N the bro name now?
Vile, Lethal choice of language
Did someone hurt you?
Hit you severally with a bat
Because, I should have been the one
Calm the F down
You religion teacher taught you manners
Effing speeds!

Oh, yeah I saw that status update
On Facebook
The one you insulted a politician
Fifteen seconds of fame
Now your ass faces a law suit
“Down with the tribalist”
Your cohorts now scream
“I did not know”
You claim
The government does not negotiate with ignorant idiots
At least you got a lot of notifications that day
You should have driven slowly

So how many bottles of whisky
Did you down to your gut
Last Friday night?
How many boyfriends do you even have?
Living you claim
Is what you are doing
Careful pretty girl
I have watched many
Get devoured on that same path
Plus your heels high
Walk slowly!

I’ll leave you now
Move on with my life
My pace same old
Tortoise and Cheetah both combined
One step
Two cautions
No questions
You’re are just twenty!

[Special Regards Hortensia Wainaina]

The Writer:

Meet the writer Dennis Peters.

Meet the writer
Dennis Peters.

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