Victory for the timid.

Gentle silences
Like a snowfall
Soft, hushed
Soothing as a whisper
Of summer wind
Quite as the passage of stars.

Pretty punches
On my chest
Noises I do not fathom
Unaccustomed sounds
Sounds of adoration

Exotic look
Dazzling beauty
And movement
Hips leak of sensuous promise
The smile
Oh, the innocuous smile

Red roses
Pink hoodies
Soft music
My attraction to you
Uncontrollable arousals
Blue skies
Christmas mornings

Thrilling dreams
I do not want to wake up
In sleep
I own you
I buy you chocolates
You share my bed
You say
Things I like
But I’m just asleep

At dawn
My guts grow
And like heavy clouds
Drop in the big Q
An arrow on the spot
A bull by its horns
A mountain’s peak

Or maybe
It’s just February
I need to hold on
Until it passes
Goes to bother someone else
Resume life
Ego still in place
A won battle
Victory for the timid


Meet the writer:

Dennis Peters
Dennis Peters


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Author: Dennis Peters

When I stare at an empty word document, which is often, my font is always Georgia, size 10, and the feeling constantly is that the cursor is mocking me.

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