Feet Steady

Not much has been said

Just a glitter in her amber eyes

That reflects her golden heart

Beauty as brilliant as dew in glittering sun

Blue-black dress, sophistication that tops the charts

Making gentle winds and waters near

Make music to lonely ear

As I silently profess love in a heartbeat song

To her smile wide as the sky

And gentle face in sleep

Taking my breath away

Feelings unbridled

Vows to protect her until my last breath

Cares and questions as your parents

Fun, spontaneous and adventurous as your siblings

Heart as warm as morning sun rays

And it fills me with bliss


To promise another your heart

Indefinitely takes acceptance of the ground

Feet Steady.



Dennis Peters

Author: Dennis Peters

When I was I younger, my mother told me not to do drugs. She said something about addiction and it sounded so distant. I never did drugs, instead, I read and wrote and I still got addicted. Now I am here, and you are here too because we have to be here and there is nothing we can do about it. | ©Dennis Peters.

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