Half Baked

These women are dedicated and relentless workers. So they will sing at this gathering and the next, not to amuse but because that is what they do, they welcome politicians in public gatherings. They are not pretentious and aloof like the ones been welcomed, No, they are prescient on the things the government could do … Continue reading Half Baked

At a Glance

Now, gang, this year we have not had the courtesy of publishing a guest blog till today. Enjoy this article by a writer am proud to call my friend. Ladies and gentlemen, Evans Wambugu. AT A GLANCE It is lubbery for a dude to tell another dude " Nimekumiss".It is lame and uncool and gayish.There … Continue reading At a Glance

A Letter to Esther

Once, scaling the rocks of Mt Kenya on an unforgettable adventure gazing at the austere beauty of the steep rocky valleys, you said to me that back in high school no one ever wrote a letter to you. This random prodigious memory just raced aimlessly until my thoughts settled with a startling clarity with only … Continue reading A Letter to Esther

Moving Out

Now, what could it be that people claim the need to move out? Well, this week has resolved to not only pose a riposte to that conundrum but also implicated me on all mental, physical and economical (well, not quite) levels of moving out. I was not the one moving out, No, I am too … Continue reading Moving Out