Mt Kenya Climb to Educate Charity Campaign Part One.

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The Genesis of the Second Edition.


When I first heard of Mt Kenya Climb to Educate Charity Campaign, my thoughts quickly ran to back in high school and I remembered students who could barely afford to stay in school due to inadequate finances. We paid just about thirteen thousand shillings for a whole term. Then the school would offer to pay your school fees if you were a good performer and it worked out for majority of the students until we were done with school. Now the years have passed and the tides have turned it is now three years into campus and the thought of these financially needy students escaped our minds because we were busy building careers and getting ready to be career people.

One thing has remained constant all through be it as it may, are the financial problems with students. Students need school fees, clothes, money to support their up-coming talents, students need credit to call home once in a while, students need books and stationary and laptops among others. The government does as much as it can but more often than not you will find students taking academic leaves due to financial issues. Parents can only handle so much, so they prioritize taking younger siblings to school and you totally understand and agree with their motive but what do you do? In an ice cold world few options are left to make a way through and the light at the end of the tunnel grows dimmer and dimmer as times progresses and your dreams come crushing all around you like hail.

The Higher Education Loans Board will give you a fourteen thousand shilling loan and suggest you make it seventeen thousand, pay your fees then starve to death but then that is as much as the government can do and for that we are grateful. The community will raise you, support you up your feet and hold you close to its bosom like an infant, pay your fees, give you pocket cash and send you to school with utmost expectancy if you are lucky. If you are not, I will be strolling around school one chilly evening and find you seated in a line at the registrar’s office, a letter in your hand asking for an academic leave due to financial reasons.

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology students found this inconceivable and decided none of their own would have to go through this and therefore came up with the Climb to Educate Charity Campaign. This campaign saw to it that the school had its own endowment fund where by students who could not afford their schooling had an assured source of support. So when you would go to queue in front of the registrar’s office with a heavy heart and out of choice to ask for an academic leave because of finances, he would pick your hand and lead you to class assuring you with reasons beyond doubt that everything would be okay.

Climb to Educate launched on December 2014 and saw a population of about three hundred students and staff climb up Mt Kenya in February this year to Lenana peak four thousand and eighty five kilometres above sea level. And through the intrepidity of the mountain, I accompanied them and did a series of four articles (Read Here) that saw the story swell up and grow big. Together students and staff combined, we sought to catch the county’s eyes and ask for them to light this lamp that had been turned off at the end of the tunnel and they did. Sponsors had come in and promised to work hand in hand with us. Amongst them was the Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership, Vivo Energy, The Senate, students and staff. That was all in February 2015.

The Mt Kenya Climb to Educate Charity Campaign Second Edition launched in June 2015. The governance had changed due to students who completed school but the sentiments still remained the same, to aid students complete their schooling successfully. So I joined the team all over again determined to tell their story to the world.

Mt Kenya Climb to Educate Two has a governance of six committees namely:

• Endowment Fund Committee
• Publicity Committee
• Physical Fitness Committee
• Logistics Committee
• Community Service Committee
• Drugs and Substance Committee.

The Chairman of the initiative Mr Darius Muthui Mindu alias Mastar/ Chief/ Papa is a very energetic and passionate leader. Last time we had climbed Mt Kenya, he had kept everyone on their toes with energy chants all through and hilarious jokes, he had further got tired midway and kept silent all together but do not tell him that last part he probably won’t be over anxious to hear it. The next article in this series comprises his interview, he will defend himself and tell us what happened.

In contrast to the first edition, the second edition initiative has put in plans to bring in more students and staff, more corporates and the Nyeri County Government as sponsors. Apart from that the physical fitness group has launched martial arts training for interested participants. Languages such as German and French have been introduced also for interested candidates. The initiative has set aside plans to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania but Papa says it is not confirmed. Further he tells me that most focus will be on the endowment fund.

You sure you will climb Mt Kilimanjaro?

Yes! Definitely



I hope I go same group as you so I can help you carry your hiking bag.

Hahaha Dennis! You wish.

So join me in these series of Mt Kenya Climb to Educate Charity Campaign as I tour all the committees, tell their experiences, difficulties and the dream they are so determined to fulfil. Captivating interviews, fun hikes, amazing photography among others as we strive to keep our own in school.

This expedition welcomes the Non-Dedan Kimathi population that feels interested to participate. Training goes on every day from 5:00 to 6-30 PM at the school field. Register and become part of us.
The Dedan Kimathi University endowment fund is now open for contribution all over the world visit for details.

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Dennis Peters

Dennis Peters

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