Five thirty Sunset

Five thirty Sunset

Five thirty sunset sweet as it can be.

Rays fall on the land a light christening everything with its beautiful Orange colors.

A young girl sits by her supposed balcony only that there is just but the supporting pillar.

Thoughts of the world,
love to the young lad a love that is her world her life.

Five thirty sunset but in a world made smaller by technology she feels still but very distant.

She doesn’t want to stare at her piece of junk phone all day.

No… She had rather touch, laugh, stare in an unforgiving reverie the world.

A really warm world it is that way.

Where laughters are audible, you know the ones that make that drum deep down the ear vibrate with realness.

Where one can tell of somebody’s love by the look in their eyes but not by a three letter sentence followed by an icon with hearts as it’s eyes.

Only God knows how many have been sent to others like she.

Five thirty sunset there is more to you I know, but am just but a young one in lack of wisdom conflicting ideas of everything in her little unsettled heart.

Maybe I will get to more of what you are my new pearl my Five thirty sunset .

Carol Lavigne Warui.

Author: Dennis Peters

When I was I younger, my mother told me not to do drugs. She said something about addiction and it sounded so distant. I never did drugs, instead, I read and wrote and I still got addicted. Now I am here, and you are here too because we have to be here and there is nothing we can do about it. | ©Dennis Peters.

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