The Clouds Coming in

RIP Karol Njeri

RIP Karol Njeri

Tears that have been shed are barely enough

Questions to the guy above asking when he is going to show up

For the clouds that gather scare the low-lives below

Death could pounce on them, devour everything that stinks of their existence

They do not know whether to sit and wait for the clouds to subside

Or build lives and homes susceptible to crumbling and total annihilation

These clouds, these clouds bring no parties with them

Nothing is merry with the music that plays in the background

Merry has been cocooned with the smell of blood, red as crimson

The music sings:

‘Dear lord you took so many of my people’

But the good book says he gives life not take

I still ask

If she is going to come back

Fill the days with laughter and harvest

Cleanse us from the darkness that grows within us

Make food tasteful as it was once was

Mirrors as attractive as they used to be

And word-plays as appealing as there are meant to be.

Intoxication can barely hide the grief

Neither can sleep

For in sleep she is our daughter, our friend, our wife, our granddaughter

My sister, my best friend, mom and on my speed dial

So I open my eyes out wide and hold in the melancholy from spilling through my eyes

No more tears need to be shed

It will make the enemy catch an odor of distress

Plus men do not shed tears

Because their eyes are made of hard iron

Their souls of rigid diamond and their empty hearts of a hollow polyester

But upon a revolution, great nations are built

Upon tragedy a platform, a comfortable step to rise like a bad idea

A chance to smile

And see clouds as quenching life hanging low ready to rekindle us

Rejuvenate our souls that upon music we place our dances

We are sons and daughters of the universe

No less than the trees and the stars

With us lies power to nurture strength of the spirit to shield us in sudden misfortune

The zeal and fire power to defend ourselves against an enemy that plays unfair

We have the duty to make ourselves happy and mean it

Move ourselves from low-lives to people that matter

Make it count for each beating heart that stopped during the journey

Redemption, for the clouds are coming in

They have to find empty jars to fill

Germinating life with a desire to plant itself on the ground

Not broken ones tired, with red eyes like pieces of crap

Or grass that turned brown and gave up

We miss you Karol.
You should not have left us like that.

In Memory of Karoline Njeri.
Rest In Peace Sis.

Dennis Peters

Dennis Peters

5 thoughts on “The Clouds Coming in

  1. I may not know you, I may not know the pain of a loss through death but I appreciate poetry and the messages they can be used to convey. take heart and RIP Karoline Njeri. heck of a piece you wrote


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  3. Damn! Poetry can always bring me on the verge of tears — verge because “men do not shed tears” — and this piece, coupled with the memory of losing my two dearest sisters just three years apart, brought me to the brink. All I can say is, fly little angels, fly! until we meet again.

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