Tug of War

Tamal Entertainment

Tamal Entertainment

It is impossible to underestimate the callousness of the corporate world. The corporate world and Lucifer must have been born on the same day and spent quite a good deal of their childhood together. Lucifer has to be the older brother mentoring and tutoring his younger sibling. Whenever a bully attacked Lucifer’s younger brother, he must have been so mean such that his way of solving such kind of a situation was beating up his brother and the bully together until they were gasping for breath, and that would be when he would pass his resolve. “If someone beats you, just get your ass kicked (villain laugh)”. Lucifer was mean like that and so did become the corporate world. He learnt to be despicable, unsentimental, crude and arrogant just like his older brother or even worse. His soul became darker than hell’s kitchen soot, and he loved it. He became heartless such that he knew no flowers, teddy bears or unicorns. That is how cold-hearted the corporate world is.

You walk to an office on a cold early morning. If you are from Nyeri like me, then be assured it is really cold and the black coffee you took in the morning to warm you up does nothing to solve this pending predicament. This office is not yours, in fact, this is the first time you have entered this office. You are impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, you are fashion conscious, so you do not put on a checked shirt with a checked or striped tie, No, that so wrong on so many levels. It is like ordering ugali choma on your usual place plus two Heineken beers only to be handed fries (not chips, No, fries – big difference) instead. The waiter just cannot do that, it is disrespectful, and so it is putting on a checked shirt with a checked tie. All the same, you look stunning.

When walking you suit button, the top one, is buttoned. In the process of sitting, you open up the button and let the coat fall free on your laps. I am just saying, you are a styled-up man. Your walk denotes a man who knows everything there is about anything. Standing ovation to whoever taught you to dress up.

So you are seated in the office, not on the owner’s side but the client’s side. You have an envelope on your hands, cancel that it is not an envelope, it is a classy folder, I do not know where you got it, but it is not yours. You are trying to keep calm but your legs are shaking, and you just cannot help it. You are anxious, butterflies are having their playtime in your stomach, but that is just inside, outside you face is calm and you jaws bones higher than Peak Lenana, Mt Kenya. You have this settled coolness about you, and you are like that because this is not the first time you are doing this. You have done it countless times in the past, and that is why you are good at it.

And then you listen to him blabber about there been no jobs. He will offer a consolation speech however of how you can make it or break it in life but you are not listening to none of that. You have heard it a million times, and you are sick of it. You have sat there on the same side of the bench before, identical office outlook but just a different boss and you sat there listening to him tell you to work for him for free for at least three months so that he can establish trust. Morons. You put yourself through university for four years studying calculus and impossible artificial intelligence but the idiot thinks you are not capable of running maintenance on ten computers that is why the need to build conviction is ultimately paramount. And you find yourself asking whether in the three months you will have to call off eating or develop wings to drop you to work every day.

So, this Mashujaa day is not for those kinds of bosses found on the corporate world. It is not for those who are well conversant with the university curriculum but will insist on the need to build faith before they can pay you. In fact this Mashujaa day, if at all you are employed by a big firm and drives a Toyota Premio, you do not have permission to go out with your buddies today evening to White Rhino lounge and toast to a successful life. No. This year you skip Mashujaa day. Sleep the entire day for all I care or tie a rope around your neck for shits and giggles.

This Mashujaa Day is for you.

Who is sick and tired of life conventions. Who will decide enough is enough and decided to do something about it. This glass of wine is for you who thought your vocals are beautiful, that when you sing you can make a goat dance to the rhythm, or you who with a pencil and a paint brush can paint the world and how beautiful the people in it are. Beer on the house if you are a football player who whenever you hold that spotted ball you make better dance moves than Chris Brown, or you who when you walk on the runway all the people can see is how much more hours it took for you to be moulded from clay because you swing your hips like this world is yours, put your hand on your waist and smile the unicorns out of your teeth. You are graceful, and that is why this Mashujaa day is yours.

That is the reason you will understand that you do not need a boss to tell you that there are no jobs left. Having someone make you carry a shit load of your documents to his office and he will not even bother to look at them is something you will no longer have to endure. Instead, you will trust that natural gift and choose to be happy rather than a corporate junky with a big payslip but a suit drenched in vodka scent, worse if its vodka mixed with beer. For that, you will need rehabilitation. Begging to have a glimpse on Lucifer’s kind of world where humanity is considered weakness will be unacceptable.

Mashujaa are heroes, world warriors who lead the world with what they believed in. The fought for liberty so that things like corporate chains never have to exist. You fight for something so that you can have a better life in future not so that you can dig a deeper ditch and bury yourself with crap. Therefore when our president stands on that red carpet podium in Kasarani in the afternoon (he still does that? No?), I want him to speak of self-employment more than paying the nurses and teachers. He should, in fact, do away with the speech and watch and listen to the entertainers down below him as they speak their poetry and swing their asses to amuse him. He should watch those actors and musicians and see how much better the country would be if people lived doing what they meant to do rather than what money makes them do in the life tug of war.

As for me, I will be preparing to launch the first issue of Tamal Magazine with the team; Beatrice, Francis, Esther, Moses, Marie, Sam and Joy. I will be looking forward to attending Tamal Poetry Nights and Tamal Talent Shows so that together we can figure out a way to cultivate this natural potential and transform it to something beautiful.

Email us at info@tamalentertainment.com

Happy Heroes Day Champions.

Dennis Peters

Dennis Peters

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