What French?

This one had an Audi, the other one had unpaid bills but a lot of wild weekends, the one before him sat beside her in class, there's also the one who lectured them every Friday morning. She had a long list of them. This darling was a sucker for love. She believed more than anything … Continue reading What French?

Memory Curtains

It has been three weeks. No, wait, I guess it has been three weeks and four days or is it four weeks and four days. But how could it be that that my memory curtains are closing on me? Yes, it has to be three weeks and four days, that is to say, twenty-five days. … Continue reading Memory Curtains

I Walk Alone

They cannot give me bank loans to buy a car, so I walk alone.   They think am shady, that my response to stimuli is distasteful and that I will not give back their money plus a small 16% they call interest.   My interest though is that they leave me a loan, not leave … Continue reading I Walk Alone

Find Your Love

      It is just another valentines just like the last three. Her scent in the room has faded to imagination. Her T-shirts and pants lost the scent too, wearing out due to the changing fortunes of time. I still sniff her garment more often than not then put it back and make a … Continue reading Find Your Love

Broken Lights

The lights must be broken. Instead of light what they do is crowd our lives with darkness, darker than hell’s soot. I have resolved to walk away from the lights, loose myself in the darkness that the night and I will be one, the shadows and I will be blood brothers enmeshed together by bonds … Continue reading Broken Lights

The Watcher

I can still picture that one time we didn't give a damn about the days.   All that mattered was the timeless experiences we had, the amazing cherished long walks to nowhere. Sitting on lone benches and getting lost in ourselves forgetting the seasons.   We were meant to be. This was the life we … Continue reading The Watcher

Of Men and Suits

My first suit was a disaster. I often recount the activities of that early chilly Sunday morning that lead me to drown in a ditch and shake my head. I loathed that suit, I hated that it had one slit instead of two. I hated that I had to put it on with a tie, … Continue reading Of Men and Suits