The Watcher

I can still picture that one time we didn’t give a damn about the days.


All that mattered was the timeless experiences we had, the amazing cherished long walks to nowhere. Sitting on lone benches and getting lost in ourselves forgetting the seasons.


We were meant to be. This was the life we paved for ourselves: sleeping on the meadow and looking at the starry skies



Now, I simply sit here looking at the hour clock moving ever so slowly, my face a plethora of calm and eagerness, joy and sadness.


The new lease of life I’ve been waiting for. No, I cannot look back they are just treasured moments. All I need is for the fairies to hurry this time and we can be together. To explore the magic of beginnings and the lush tropical gardens in our hearts because we can.


Dear Lord make this time move and my thoughts and I can be together at peace.



Words: Kate Njenga

Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]


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