Your Town

Aeons I have spent in the shadows. Harvest is ripe and succulent now and I am here to collect what is mine. I carry the darkness with me where ever I go and lay everything to shambles annihilating anything on my passage. My destiny is your doom and you better scream when you see me coming. I am your worst nightmare and I will take a selfie so you can see what’s coming to your town.




Red! That is the colour of the trail behind me, red as crimson. A carpet of cold bodies, all with a uniform permanent scowl of pain, anguish and strife on their lifeless faces. That is what I am bringing to your town. I will be the last thing you see and you will remember me in your next life because I am worse than death and my effect, harder than the apocalypse.


I am bringing darkness to your town, darkness darker than the chambers of hell’s kitchen and colder than Lucifer’s heart. Check your Facebook, just forwarded my selfie to all your mails and shared it on you wall and profiles so that you can put a face on what is going to tear you apart like a used up napkin.


Run suckers! I am coming to your town.



Words: Dennis Peters

Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]

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