She is Wild

Six-inch heels make her as tall as me, I pretend I do not like that but it is as sexy as Nicki’s butt.  She is wild, she is smart, she is beautiful, she makes a mess of me, and she will be my own undoing.


Don’t be silent when I speak to you – I say.


Don’t walk away when I am talking to you – I say.


But she is often still silent, she often walks away. And I watch her leave, knowing that I found her wild, I found her young, I found her beautiful and there is simply nothing to do.


When you leave, these tiny bits of my soul you walk away with, please bring them back to me. Because they said don’t take drugs, you will get addicted, I did not take drugs instead I took you into my bosom and still got addicted.


Therefore, through this argument, I hope you find me at the terminus and bless me with a kiss from your pink lips that I may be sane again. Because the sounds in my head keep getting louder with every dissension, the sunlight grows dimmer and my eyes get cloudy.


The voices say – she is wild –she will be your tomb.



Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

Words: Dennis Peters

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]

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