People just do not get it? Do they? Between the egg and the hen, the egg has to have been first! There is no discussion there. I have this figured out. See, it is not a question of the egg or the hen it is a question of how you spend your Sunday afternoons.


One is for the buffoon who spends Sunday afternoon reading history books and stupid old books that I would not look at twice. These people know Charles Darwin’s wife, girlfriend and mistress. They think the hen came first. Do not date or catch a drink with these people they will make you grow old for no reason.


There are people who spend their Sunday afternoons in a church. I fear those people. They can ask the gods of the prophets with long beards in the good book to strike you down with hail and lightening. They do not know hens or eggs these people, their question is which among the quails and manna landed first.


Now, there are those who do laundry on Sunday afternoons. Most of you here are those people. What were you doing on Saturday? You have probably never asked yourself the question of the egg and the hen because you are too lazy for life. The moment you are done with end of semester exams, you do not even read billboards. You have a problem.


The egg came first and it was this big… See… Dig me?


Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

Words: Dennis Peters

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]

7 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. Haha… I’m in that category of those who are too lazy to think about it… but where would the egg come from if there was no hen?


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