As Dark As it Gets

January 1:
It was a cold dark night… as dark as it gets…
The air intense.. the alley welcoming with a sort of gloom about it.
When I was younger my parishioner said that in the absence of light darkness prevails, yet in these moments of opportune bliss and pleasure I often wondered how right he was and even still how good it felt to be bad….


The alley narrowed and my eyes spotted my prize
A young blonde, stooping low to pick up something on the ground, her skirt lifting tediously to her effort, this was going to be easy.


I became one with the darkness and a generous smile plastered over my face before my butcher knife oozed smoothly from my coat side pocket….
This would be easy,


The alley was welcoming and the night was dark as dark as it gets.


Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

Words: Francis The Lone Puppeteer.

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]

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