At Wits End by Esther Wanene

Death has touched me and left me wearied bones,
I’ve wandered into a place where most things taste like air,
I’m still trying to find hope in my snow globe soul,
But all I find is sorrow contained within the remains of my torn heart.

Here I am crossing burnt bridges, just trying to survive without you,
I’m dancing with my rain with a sword through my heart,
drowning in my own melancholy,
The sky wears white and sings in absent hymns since you died,
Installing a permanent winter in my soul.

You promised you’d always be here daddy,
but you raced toward the finish line forgetting I was along for the ride.
On our last phone call when you said ‘See you soon’ I didn’t know your ‘soon’ meant an eternity.
Time froze the minute you left,
leaving me frozen like a statue and chipping piece by piece.

I never had the chance to tell you this;
You were an amazing father and I’ll always love you,
It’s a shame I gave you a rose only after you were long gone.
I will carry your memories and bury them inside the lake of my heart and within me, they will forever dwell.
You belong in the museum hearts of the world’s finest dad’s.
Rest in peace daddy.



©Esther Wanene

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