Then again, we are all children.


Fighting with our mothers and fathers about education, drugs, and wrong choices. Rebelling against rules, claiming we are grown-up and moving out.


Fighting with our brothers and sisters, trying to put out past trouble fires but mostly trying to make ourselves feel good and superior.


Fighting with our girlfriends and boyfriends, hiding our ignorance, attitudes, greed and hidden agendas. Quarreling and screaming at each other relentlessly until peace is a narrative that used to but no longer is.


Fighting in our professions, for promotions, respect and pay rises, but mostly for happiness and fulfillment.


Slowly losing our childhood, piece by piece…


Then we only have wrinkles to tell of our battles, painful tears to mourn the lost, anger towards our dead vitality and nostalgia for the child within whom we had been too eager to throw out.


Then again we are still children, bestowed with the chance of choice. While nations are made through wars, like Kenya was molded by the violence of our freedom fighters, America by the guns of the founders and Germany by the massacre of their dictators, humanity is molded by peace, humility, patience, understanding, kindness and happiness.


But maybe guns are just quicker.



Photography: Mukiri Gitiri

Words: Dennis Peters

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]

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