Beginning of an Era. Part One.


I met her during the first few days of campus. The day we met is different from the day I saw her first because I had noticed her the first day we were being admitted to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She was beautiful to say the least and she was way out of my league. I was fresh from high school, the only experience I had with girls was texting random slutty skirts on 2go.


To add salt to an injury, I had been a Christian Union official in high school. This is to mean, my slate was cleaner than a bride’s gown. Christian Union officials had to behave with the utmost regard for decency because someone was always watching. It was not easy, especially not in a boy school when adolescence has just kicked in and the hormones and the body turned against you. I could not oblige to any of the new needs however, so at school functions when the dancing begun and the boys rubbed their crouches hungrily against innocent high school girls, I always left the hall. I would then throw myself into a good book or the Bible.


However, a curious, mischievous, wild small boy slept under the covers of good conduct, performance and morals. Had I known how much trouble I was capable of then, then maybe Campus would have been different.


Her name was Daisy, she was beautiful to the least, sassy, charismatic and utterly likable. The first day I saw her she was in sneakers, and a purple hoodie which matched with her purple tight trousers. With the first look, I could already tell she had dressed that way because she was with her parents. She had this glamour and grace surrounding her that put impulses into my blood.


It turns out we were in the same class in School of Business. I did not know this until much later because she never attended the orientation classes at the beginning of the semester. The first day she came to class, it was a unit called Financial Accounting. She walked in after the teacher and just like I had guessed, she had switched from sneakers and hoodies to a tiny but decent dress and heels. She was so beautiful that when she walked in, I lost my breath and I had to remind myself to breath.


I had never seen so much elegance in one person yet I had read so many books, watched so many movies and still none could draw a picture of how she looked. All this time, I never thought of talking to her, I was comfortable with just looking at her. Maybe I was timid, maybe I was cautious, either, it did not matter then, it does not matter now. I remember looking at her from the side and her side burns alone making my body feel as if it was under pressure.


A little later, I met Tony and Sam, all from my class. We became instant friends and we would find ourselves walking for supper together, talking of different irrelevant things, mostly girls. All this time, I hoped that no one else had noticed my purple angel but I had hoped wrong, Tony had already approached her and they had been texting all the time since then. I felt frustrated, there were a lot of beautiful girls in our class and he had to pick the one that set my soul on a horrendous inferno.


Tony was just a self-confident womanizer who could get any girls phone number at will. Surprisingly, he was also easy to talk to and the two of us instantly got fond of each other. We would walk to a cafe known as Vienna for supper and Daisy and her three friends would walk in for supper too and we would sit on different tables secretly eyeing and investigating one another.


Then it happened when we were walking from class one day having regular a regular conversation with Tony. She came from behind us. She was breathing hard, meaning that she had ran to catch up with us. Then casually, she asked Tony whether he had a movie she could watch and immediately they made plans how they would meet and copy the movies. Somehow, I just played along and accompanied them. Tony never introduced us and neither did she introduce herself nor did I we just flowed as if we had been friends for the longest time ever. She knew my name and I knew hers, so really, introductions would have been bullshit.


Since then we would hang out as a group in one of the hostel rooms, mostly Tony’s. It was then that I invented movie nights where we would put four laptops on a table, play the same movie on each and sit on the floor, five to eight of us mimicking a theater. Somehow everyone loved movie night such that we barely realized when movie nights transformed to alcohol nights and then club nights. The transformation barely took three weeks.


Daisy and I got fond of each other fast. I did most of the adjusting to keep up with her wildness and free-mindedness. We would go to a club, while I took ordinary beers she would ask for South African Wine and finish a 750 ml bottle of Cellar Cask on her own. Like usual I adjusted that and moved to whisky. We went for dates, she paid for some, I paid for the rest, money was not a problem for either of us.


We began dating on 16th December, 2013 about three months since we joined campus. Later, there was a strike in school and because Campus students love breaking glass, we vacated the school for a while. Daisy and I never went home, we stayed in the hostel, hers or mine all the time and none of us seemed to be bothered. Even then after she had said yes, I was propelled by the insatiable desire to please her every need. We went for Christmas and back.


On 14th February, Valentine’s Day, I remember I had saved a huge amount of money and we went for a retreat at Hotel Leopard, Nakuru town for an entire weekend. I was living the dream, there was no point to hold back. Daisy loved me, I remember once we went to a barber and while I vaguely directed the barber on what to do to my hair, she disapproved and gave the barber new directions, to this day, I keep that hair style and I have no intention to change it. She took my insecurities and transformed them to something I could show off with. She was an actor and playing the stage right was what she was all about.


Just like High School, I was an intelligent person in class. I would help Daisy when studying for an exam and then we would sit together and she would write my answers wherever she could. Our arrangement worked out fine and the union got stronger and stronger but even the wall of China can be breached.


It did not take long, she expanded her audience and ran for a model title in school which she won by a landslide. She was a model and there was nothing that could say otherwise. Modelling was good to her but to me that was when disaster started and wreak havoc across everything I knew.


With her new social status, she changed her friends too. The girls she would now hang out with her were ‘sophisticated’. They would attend high end events and sit on high tables, so high that keep up took a toll on me. I hated her new friends and slowly I could feel my grip loosening and slipping, first it was slow, then like an accelerating jet it sprang to the air and sped.



Feature Image by Mukiri Gitiri




Dennis Peters

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