instagramcapture_51ae2f42-6453-4b96-839b-5e65680bd0c1When I was I younger, my mother told me not to do drugs. She said something about addiction and it sounded so distant. I never did drugs, instead, I read and wrote and I still got addicted. Now I am here, and you are here too because we have to be here and there is nothing we can do about it.

I am a writer, a digital storyteller and an explorer featuring major themes in Life and People, Feature Stories, Women, Flash Fiction and Travel among others.

My name is Dennis Peters Njenga.





7.jpgMe, my mother never said anything like that. It was one of those unspoken logical things that you have to know, yet no one told you.

Haha… I kid.

I am a photographer. An Artist with a deep passion for people and living things. I prefer human beings than computers because human beings are interesting. We are faulty, Yes, but we are interesting. That does not mean, however, that I would not like to have an Android do my laundry and bring my midnight snack.

Much said.

My name is Esther Mukiri Gitiri and you will find my projects at https://mukirigitiri.com/




Karibu and if you want to talk to us, mail us at dester1219@gmail.com