instagramcapture_51ae2f42-6453-4b96-839b-5e65680bd0c1When I was I younger, my mother told me not to do drugs. She said something about addiction and it sounded so distant. I never did drugs, instead, I read and wrote and I still got addicted. Now I am here, and you are here too because we have to be here and there is nothing we can do about it.

I am a Digital Story Teller, Writer, Explorer, Travel Blogger, Creative Writer featuring major themes in Lifestyle (Life and People), Women, Travel, Photography and Fiction among others.

I am Njenga, Dennis Peters.





7.jpgMe, my mother never said anything like that. It was one of those unspoken logical things that you have to know, yet no one told you.

Haha… I kid.

I am a photographer. An Artist with a deep passion for people and living things. I prefer human beings than computers because human beings are interesting. We are faulty, Yes, but we are interesting. That does not mean, however, that I would not like to have an Android do my laundry and bring my midnight snack.

Much said.

I am Mukiri Gitiri, Esther.




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