Coffee Shops by Mukiri Gitiri

For the first time, last week on Monday, I felt a thrill similar to that of my first kiss. He could argue that it was the second but well, that one was on my eighteenth birthday and it is a story I am told. My first kiss was a sober one. I remember feeling so … Continue reading Coffee Shops by Mukiri Gitiri

Dear Mother. Part One. By Mukiri Gitiri

Mother, today I would like you to listen to a story that happened many years ago. I would like to suggest that you lose that judgmental temperament you are always carrying around the house, at least until I am done.       What was that mother? You promise? Okay. Now, it was five thirty … Continue reading Dear Mother. Part One. By Mukiri Gitiri


  Then again, we are all children.   Fighting with our mothers and fathers about education, drugs, and wrong choices. Rebelling against rules, claiming we are grown-up and moving out.   Fighting with our brothers and sisters, trying to put out past trouble fires but mostly trying to make ourselves feel good and superior.   … Continue reading Guns

Tales of Trails

I am a slimy snail, slugging away indolently across a wet piece of wood in the month of April when the rains come down hard and washing away January and February's transgressions.   I leave a trail behind me which contains pieces of me, my DNA and tales of my mistakes and misfortunes with human … Continue reading Tales of Trails

Green in your Eyes

It begins with a nibble at the tip of a cookie, a tiny puff at the edge of a lit cigarette or a pinch of a powdered flour into your whisky glass.   First, everything is noiseless, perhaps too silent. Then the edges start to fade off into an approaching mist on the horizon. Just … Continue reading Green in your Eyes

Six-thirty Deadline

Boss man says its two days. Two days is two years, I have forever, an eternity to deliver quality. Two days is paradise, so close to three days, yet so far from two hours.   Are we drinking tonight? I can hardly decide but two or six whisky shots never hurt nobody. A good time … Continue reading Six-thirty Deadline

As Dark As it Gets

January 1: It was a cold dark night... as dark as it gets... The air intense.. the alley welcoming with a sort of gloom about it. When I was younger my parishioner said that in the absence of light darkness prevails, yet in these moments of opportune bliss and pleasure I often wondered how right … Continue reading As Dark As it Gets

Life is Serious

They told me art is shit. Art is not engineering or business. They told me I had to be serious with life because good fortune never came to those who took life in an easy artistic convention.   They forced calculus on my back like a yoke. Each day I had to solve for x … Continue reading Life is Serious


People just do not get it? Do they? Between the egg and the hen, the egg has to have been first! There is no discussion there. I have this figured out. See, it is not a question of the egg or the hen it is a question of how you spend your Sunday afternoons.   … Continue reading Chicken

She is Wild

She is wild