Find Your Love

      It is just another valentines just like the last three. Her scent in the room has faded to imagination. Her T-shirts and pants lost the scent too, wearing out due to the changing fortunes of time. I still sniff her garment more often than not then put it back and make a … Continue reading Find Your Love

Just Maybe

The silence bothers me. Originally it did not but know it does, I do not know why. The clouds hang low, perhaps too low yet the rain never falls. Every day I leave the house with a coat in my bag but come back home in the evening with the coat still in the bag. … Continue reading Just Maybe

Tabu, No!

She had been there every day, same position, never moving, never getting bored of the same scenery. Same sitting posture, same type of dressing, red t-shirt and casual jeans. On a cold day she had a heavy red sweater. Her face had appeared stern to Tabu. And he had thought about her every day, gone … Continue reading Tabu, No!