A Letter to Esther

Once, scaling the rocks of Mt Kenya on an unforgettable adventure gazing at the austere beauty of the steep rocky valleys, you said to me that back in high school no one ever wrote a letter to you. This random prodigious memory just raced aimlessly until my thoughts settled with a startling clarity with only … Continue reading A Letter to Esther

Moving Out

Now, what could it be that people claim the need to move out? Well, this week has resolved to not only pose a riposte to that conundrum but also implicated me on all mental, physical and economical (well, not quite) levels of moving out. I was not the one moving out, No, I am too … Continue reading Moving Out

Two Faces

Violet  It is fascinating that one colour could have two names. Violet as much as I googled is also purple. This colour got me thinking of coins, especially the brown copper one-shilling coins that were quite common in the nineties. This kind of coin had an art drawing on one side of our founding father … Continue reading Two Faces


A framed photograph right at the wall opposite to the entrance door. Faded brown frames like freshly watered volcanic soil with a cotton thread behind it supporting it on a nail peg. The nail is inclined forty-five degrees to support the photograph and make sure it does not fall. The rest are dusty, but it … Continue reading Indigo

Climbing Mt Kenya. Part Four.

Have you ever seen the sunrise over the mountains at dawn when the ground is still wet with dew, water still frozen to ice as if moaning the absence of sun during the night, snow converting slowly to a pool of water trickling subsequently down their accustomed path, serene, peaceful and your breathing disorienting the … Continue reading Climbing Mt Kenya. Part Four.

Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part Three.

Continued from: Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part One. Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part Two. Elites of the Society The degree you earn or deserve is not a meal ticket in life, rather a licence to hunt – Mr Polycarp Igathe.(The Managing Director Vivo Energy Kenya) On Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to witness the flagging off … Continue reading Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part Three.

Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part Two.

Continued from Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part One. Aiming for Resilience. The chairman Climb to Educate Charity Campaign, Mr Brian Manana must have read Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part One. To the very best of luck he granted me a chance to interview him on a documentary about this event and shed some light on this trending … Continue reading Climbing Mt. Kenya. Part Two.

A Day With The Salsa Group.

II had an interesting day today ahead of nasty examinations on Monday but am not in character to say no to a good time. That besides my point, I joined the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Salsa Group to The Children and Youth Empowerment Center Nyeri. Apart from the unsettling nostalgia formed by the surrounding … Continue reading A Day With The Salsa Group.

Moments 2014

Have you ever this feeling where you are so grateful at someone such that you would literally buy them 500 MB data? Me neither, it is just a figure of speech but in a parallel world I would get you guys each 500 MB data for clicking this link even when the last text you … Continue reading Moments 2014