Your Town

Aeons I have spent in the shadows. Harvest is ripe and succulent now and I am here to collect what is mine. I carry the darkness with me where ever I go and lay everything to shambles annihilating anything on my passage. My destiny is your doom and you better scream when you see me … Continue reading Your Town

Memory Curtains

It has been three weeks. No, wait, I guess it has been three weeks and four days or is it four weeks and four days. But how could it be that that my memory curtains are closing on me? Yes, it has to be three weeks and four days, that is to say, twenty-five days. … Continue reading Memory Curtains

I Walk Alone

They cannot give me bank loans to buy a car, so I walk alone.   They think am shady, that my response to stimuli is distasteful and that I will not give back their money plus a small 16% they call interest.   My interest though is that they leave me a loan, not leave … Continue reading I Walk Alone

Broken Lights

The lights must be broken. Instead of light what they do is crowd our lives with darkness, darker than hell’s soot. I have resolved to walk away from the lights, loose myself in the darkness that the night and I will be one, the shadows and I will be blood brothers enmeshed together by bonds … Continue reading Broken Lights

The Watcher

I can still picture that one time we didn't give a damn about the days.   All that mattered was the timeless experiences we had, the amazing cherished long walks to nowhere. Sitting on lone benches and getting lost in ourselves forgetting the seasons.   We were meant to be. This was the life we … Continue reading The Watcher


Grandfather used to love this window. Maybe it was not love but then out of his twelve bedroom mansion, I always found him there early in the morning and late in the evening. He was always looking.   I was small so the world seemed vast and incomprehensible but now I can see what he … Continue reading Grandfathered

They Brought my Son Home in a Box

My son left this home walking on his two legs. He said that the village was no place for him, he had that tinge inside him and a curious light that glittered in his eyes when he spoke of the future before him. If it were up to me, my son would stay home. I … Continue reading They Brought my Son Home in a Box

World Aids Day

The results came out positive for HIV. Turns out where they there is smoke, there is fire and where there is fire, someone is going to get burned. My bank account read a huge amount of money, though, I was not servicing grown ass men in bed doing yoga styles and shit to make them … Continue reading World Aids Day