Guilty at Birth

The sad cub painting at the entrance of the door grabs your attention the moment you walk through the main door. It is an amazing painting but it grabs all your happy emotions and crushes them into a hundred pieces and there is nothing you can do about it. It is a sad painting. The … Continue reading Guilty at Birth

Six-thirty Deadline

Boss man says its two days. Two days is two years, I have forever, an eternity to deliver quality. Two days is paradise, so close to three days, yet so far from two hours.   Are we drinking tonight? I can hardly decide but two or six whisky shots never hurt nobody. A good time … Continue reading Six-thirty Deadline

Close your Eyes for a Second

Recently, I find my eyes closed a lot of times. It is weird if you think about it, but please hear me out. I close my eyes when I shower, my eyes are closed sometimes when I pee and as if that is not enough, yesterday I was in Nanyuki for some job training and … Continue reading Close your Eyes for a Second

At Wits End by Esther Wanene

Death has touched me and left me wearied bones, I've wandered into a place where most things taste like air, I'm still trying to find hope in my snow globe soul, But all I find is sorrow contained within the remains of my torn heart.   Here I am crossing burnt bridges, just trying to … Continue reading At Wits End by Esther Wanene

As Dark As it Gets

January 1: It was a cold dark night... as dark as it gets... The air intense.. the alley welcoming with a sort of gloom about it. When I was younger my parishioner said that in the absence of light darkness prevails, yet in these moments of opportune bliss and pleasure I often wondered how right … Continue reading As Dark As it Gets

Old Fossils

You were excited about a Facebook account, I was, President Obama was, hell, even Charles Darwin would have. Facebook was a game changer. It was a stone to a foundation of a new civilisation. So, like everyone, late July 2009 in a Cyber Café on a Saturday morning you did it. You broke your virginity … Continue reading Old Fossils


Midnight? At least they try to be poetic about it. They try to sprinkle poetry as if to wash the guilt off their hands, they try to make a loaf of bread sweeter by spreading margarine all over it, but a fact is a fact, it is an execution and I am the condemned. I … Continue reading Electricity

Life is Serious

They told me art is shit. Art is not engineering or business. They told me I had to be serious with life because good fortune never came to those who took life in an easy artistic convention.   They forced calculus on my back like a yoke. Each day I had to solve for x … Continue reading Life is Serious

A Letter to a Sister

  Your Whats App profile says last seen was 3rd September, 2015. Our last conversation you saw me put a selfie of my girlfriend and I and you thought your admired it. I admire your profile picture you said, you two look good. I think your wedding will be before your graduation.  And I said … Continue reading A Letter to a Sister

The Verdict

The women of all Kamuyu had heard it now. No one would lend that Wambui wa Njoroge any money whatsoever. They were tired of that begging piece of a woman with no respect for personal dignity or other women husbands. Wauru repeated her speech now clearly and with a lot of words her voice shaking … Continue reading The Verdict