Little Bird

Tell her I am a mummy, living in the depths of my desolate tomb, numb from love, astounded by beauty and terrified by darkness and emptiness. Tell her that her eyes are my conviction, her smile is my bondage and her words are music from a harp, playing smoothly close but beyond reach. Let her … Continue reading Little Bird

Survival by Esther Wanene

Sometimes you take a long morning jog, longer than the arm of the law, to clear your head, but then you meet a boy called Kaniaru who has been in the streets for three nights since his mother woke up and just left. Vanished into thin air like our tax money.  Kaniaru asks you if … Continue reading Survival by Esther Wanene


  Then again, we are all children.   Fighting with our mothers and fathers about education, drugs, and wrong choices. Rebelling against rules, claiming we are grown-up and moving out.   Fighting with our brothers and sisters, trying to put out past trouble fires but mostly trying to make ourselves feel good and superior.   … Continue reading Guns

Mukiri Gitiri

  You are in a private library, seated enjoying a book. The book is BlackAss by Igoni Barrett. You got it from an alienated shelve at the library and decided to take a chance on it, turns out you love it. You have been reading it for the last six hours since you saw it, … Continue reading Mukiri Gitiri

Upside Down

I was born a boy, or at least I thought I was until I had my first period at age sixteen. I was used to boy cardigans, shorts, boxers, vests, shirts and the like. My background was a humble one, where the only thing that mattered was that we had food at the end of … Continue reading Upside Down

A Day in Nakuru

Just about the time you get to the junction at Bahati that separates those willing to go to Solai and those about to move to Bahati and beyond, the pressure changes and the scent of something very familiar fill your nostrils. Nostalgia kicks in and all you want to do is tell everyone in that … Continue reading A Day in Nakuru

Tales of Trails

I am a slimy snail, slugging away indolently across a wet piece of wood in the month of April when the rains come down hard and washing away January and February's transgressions.   I leave a trail behind me which contains pieces of me, my DNA and tales of my mistakes and misfortunes with human … Continue reading Tales of Trails

Green in your Eyes

It begins with a nibble at the tip of a cookie, a tiny puff at the edge of a lit cigarette or a pinch of a powdered flour into your whisky glass.   First, everything is noiseless, perhaps too silent. Then the edges start to fade off into an approaching mist on the horizon. Just … Continue reading Green in your Eyes

Three Figure Confession- Part Three

  Three Figure Confession- Part One Three Figure Confession- Part Two Father, somehow I have learnt from the school of life, if you really need something and you are determined enough, then nature always conspires to give you your desire. A man like you would call that God. Well, there is this other part when … Continue reading Three Figure Confession- Part Three

Three Figure Confession- Part Two

Three Figure Confession- Part One   A short period after joining campus, I realized that my dream was not only getting laid. Among all other things I wanted to write. Write better than Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, Philippians and Galatians. I have to say father, I really adore the writers of the Bible especially … Continue reading Three Figure Confession- Part Two